Bulgaria is a country that is well known for its location near the Black Sea, which has made it very important for strategic shipping and transportation industries. It is a country that is very popular amongst tourists because it offers versatile choices including beach vacations and the opportunity to participate in winter tourist activities.

During the post-World War Two period, when political differences separated Western and Eastern Europe, many people living on the eastern portion of the continent enjoyed Bulgaria as place to escape for a rest during the warmer months. However, more recently, Bulgaria is becoming increasingly popular with tourists from all over the world.

Unfortunately, the world-wide economic recession was especially harsh on Bulgaria and the country is still having some difficulties returning the labor market to progressive levels. Additionally, it is one of the least solvent countries belonging to the European Union at the present time.

de_0088_bulgaria - Saint Joan Letni chapel, Bulgaria


As previously mentioned, there are a large variety of activities and destinations for tourists when they choose to visit Bulgaria. These activities are diverse as Bulgaria has a unique climate throughout the country that enables this breadth of opportunities. Additionally, you will certainly want to take the opportunity to travel to the Bulgarian mountain ranges, which offer breath-taking views – the likes of which you may never experience elsewhere.

There are also several parks to visit while you are travelling through Bulgaria. For example, there is a natural park dedicated to preserving nature and for tourists to enjoy a peaceful afternoon. There are also two national parks, which offer some excellent tourist opportunities if you have the time available on your trip. To receive more information about the Central Balkan National Park you can consult the proper authorities who have a wonderful informational layout to view the highlights of the park.

The second national park is definitely geared towards those tourists of Bulgaria who are also hiking enthusiasts. Rila National Park offers amazing trails for tourists to explore and to consult a map of these routes and other available activities within the park you can visit the park authorities who are happy to help you plan your trip.

de_0087_bulgaria - Sofia centre by night, Parliament Sq.

Local Food & Drink

Bulgarian cooking typically involves significant volumes of fresh produce that often results in salads and soups and numerous vegetarian meals. Moussaka is perhaps one of the best-known dishes in Bulgaria and involves the use of meat and fresh vegetables. Yogurt is another very popular snack in Bulgaria that the locals eat frequently as well. There are also a number of international influences in Bulgarian cooking and a variety of fast food options if you are looking for something more economical and time efficient.

There are plenty of local beer and wine options available for tourists as well as the typical spirit drinks. However, there is a wealth of natural spring water available throughout the country so it is definitely safe and worth trying some in either the non-carbonated or carbonated version.

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Bulgaria is typically a country where you do not need to be overly concerned for your safety. The most dangerous exercise you can undertake in Bulgaria, according to statistics, would be to drive a vehicle around the city. Relatedly, car theft is one of the bigger crime issues throughout the country. There is also a high volume of bank-fraud incidents reported in Bulgaria.

Additionally, there are usually a number of loose dogs in Bulgaria without owners and it is advisable to stay away from these animals in case they carry infectious diseases. Finally, corruption is prevalent in Bulgaria as it is not uncommon to be able to use money to force local authority officials to look the other way when it comes to unsavory behaviour.