Prior to the French Revolution there was years of historical development in France, such as the emergence of feudalism under Charlemagne and the reign of the most powerful monarch in French history, Louis XIV. The French Revolution ultimately resulted in the collective conscience of the nation concerning dynastic rule to shift and eventually be brought back together by the lofty imperialist ambitions of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Both of the World Wars were particularly harsh on France, but especially the Second World War when so many of the contributors to the economy and workforce were killed in action or disabled to the point that they were unable to make the contributions that they once were able to make. However, since the fallout from the Second World War until contemporary time, France has seen revitalization in its industries, infrastructure and economy. France and Germany are considered to be the economic powerhouses of the European Union.

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France has earned a reputation for being one of the finest and most-talked about tourist destination in the entire world. There are several other cities that one should visit in France rather than just limiting themselves to the city of lights, which is otherwise known as Paris. Bordeaux and Montpellier are two particularly popular cities with very rich history to enjoy. However, while you are in Paris you will want to see the view from the Eiffel Tower and visit the nearby Palace of Versailles, which offers some of the more salient history emanating from France.

Another incredibly popular way to take in the history of France and travel around at the same time is to book tours of famous art and history museums throughout the country. The most notable art museum, of course, is the Louvre, which offers thousands of tours every year. Some of the most famous and significant art ever to be created is on display at this museum.

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Local Food & Drink

France is largely considered to be one of the greatest places on earth to enjoy a fine-dining experience. Oftentimes you will receive a lavish three course meal that begins with something light, moves to a hearty course and then finishes with a tantalizing dessert. Cheese and rare delicacies like snails and frog legs are immensely popular depending on the area of France in which you are travelling. There are also a number of breads and pastries that are popular amongst locals and tourists in France.

There are a number of local beers and spirits that complement all of the rich cheeses and foods that you will encounter in France. Another important part of French culture is of course the production and savoring of different types of wine and grapes. Lastly, you can certainly enjoy a number of caffeine-based beverages from one of the picturesque cafes that dot the urban streets of Paris and other large cities throughout France.

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There is typically not a great deal of crime to be concerned with in France and it is often regarded as one of the safest countries in the world. However, because of a lot of large urban areas, tourists must remain vigilant to protect themselves from common theft and petty crimes. The largest volume of crime tends to occur in inner-city areas and there is a large discrepancy in the statistics concerning race-demographics, which is an incredibly sensitive issue in France at the present time.

The military and police have taken extra precautions to provide enhanced security measures at large tourist venues since the occurrence of 9/11 and increased threats of terrorism. Lastly, it is a violation of the French law to avoid helping someone in distress, which generally means that people are willing to help you in these unfortunate situations.