Germany is a European country located in Central Europe. The country’s capital is Berlin, and it is located in the eastern part of Germany. The country used to be divided into eastern and western regions. However, in 1990 the two regions unified. This historical moment was represented by the fall of the Berlin wall.

The World Wars are a very important part of German history. Following Germany’s defeat in World War 1, punitive measures were imposed on the country, such as financial reparations. This diminished the quality of life for many Germans and is believed to have been the catalyst for World War 2.

However, in the 1960s an attempt was made by the country to confront its difficult past and to move towards a more liberal Germany.

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Oktoberfest in Munich is a really large tradition that attracts tourists from all over the world. The festival usually begins in mid September and runs until early October. Visit the official website  for a list of all the main attractions.

Heidelberg Castle is another main attraction in Germany. The castle is located in the town’s old quarter and is one of the most visited landmarks in Europe. Because of its magical atmosphere, Heidelberg is also famous for the Romantic Heidelberg Tour. Some of the attractions of this tour include a visit to the castle ruins and a walk along the Neckar River. Because Heidelberg is a small town, there are different bike rental services such as those listed here. This is a great opportunity to experience the town firsthand, and visit beautiful neighboring villages such as Schönau and Neckargemünd.
Berlin is another tourist hot spot. Some popular attractions include the Berlin wall and the Bradenburg Gate which is located near the German parliament. Visit here for a list of other main attractions.

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Local Food & Drink

While travelling in Germany, you will notice that a popular dish is Wurst (sausage) and fries. It is found on almost every menu in German restaurants as well as food stands by the main train stations. A dish called “Curry Wurst” has also gained popularity. This spicy dish is basically a sausage sprinkled with curry powder.

Schnitzel is another famous German dish. There are many different types of schnitzel such as veal or pork, and they are usually served with pan fried potatoes. The word “schnitzel” is the German word for cutlet. As the name suggests, it is a thin slice of meat that is dipped in egg and bread crumbs. It is then fried to give it a crunchier texture.

Beer gardens are also very popular places to enjoy a beer with your meal. The atmosphere is very friendly and usually features a live polka band. Large pretzels or ginger bread are common snacks served with your beer.

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Germany is an extremely safe country with a crime rate lower than most other countries. Violent crime rates are constantly declining and are lower than countries such as the United States, Australia and Canada.

Because of its history, Germans are often stereotyped as racist or discriminatory. However anti racism laws are very strictly enforced in Germany, regardless of who is committing the racist display.

Much like any other country, pickpockets may be attracted to larger tourist destinations. Therefore it is important to always keep a close eye on wallets, cameras and any other personal belongings.

If you do run into trouble while vacationing in Germany, most of the police officers will have at least basic communication skills in English. They are also known to be stringent when enforcing the law. This means that if you have committed a crime, you will not be let off easily because you are a tourist.