Greece is a European country on the Mediterranean Sea that borders Albania, Macedonia, Turkey and Bulgaria. Its picturesque view of the Mediterranean makes it a very popular tourist destination.

The influence of Greece reaches far across its borders. A lot of the country’s art and architecture can be seen in various other countries in the world. Features of the Greek language, which is believed to have been around for almost four thousand years, is also evident in languages such as English. In addition, the whole concept of a recorded history was also started in Greece between 484-425 BC. Herodotus, or the “Father of History”, was the first known individual to record human events so that future generations could learn from them.

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One of the most popular attractions is the Acropolis which is located right in the heart of Athens, the country’s capital. This ancient fortress was built on a sacred rock which is elevated above the city. If this is an attraction that is high on your list, be sure to go in the late winter or spring as recommended by Athens Guide.

Another popular tourist destination in Greece is the Ancient Delphi. This is an archaeological site that is sure to impress anyone who has an interest in ancient Greece. It is located on Mount Parnassos which allows tourists a breathtaking view of the valleys and the Gulf of Corinth. To learn more about the history of Delphi click here.

Finally, if you are visiting Greece during warmer months, be sure to check out the Rhodes Town Beach. This picturesque beach is a popular destination for water sports such as wind surfing. To learn more about what this beach has to offer, visit Rhodes Guide.

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Local Food & Drink

The Greek diet consists of a lot of vegetables and herbs that are native to the country. Because Italy is also close by, the two countries tend to share some of the same dishes. However, Greeks are also known to eat plenty of seafood, such as grilled octopus. Greek cuisine outside of the country can be very different from the types of items you will see on a menu at a nice restaurant in Greece. For example, gyros are a very popular export from Greece. They are beef, pork or chicken mixed with various vegetables and wrapped in a fried pita. However, many of the local residents consider it to be junk food.

Many dishes will also be served with tzatziki, which is a popular Greek dip that is made from yoghurt, garlic and chopped cucumbers.

Many locals and tourists visiting Greece also tend to drink nice wines since many are produced in the country. Although they are harder to find overseas, Greek wines are known to be cheap but relatively high in quality.

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Although Greece is a very safe country to travel to overall, it is still a good idea to take necessary precautions. Local residents have recently reported an increase in petty thefts, so be sure to always keep a close eye on any valuable belongings. This is especially important in overcrowded tourist areas where it is easy for thieves to steal your belongings without your knowledge.

Another commonly reported incident specifically targets foreigners, especially men who are travelling alone. They will be approached by an individual who invites them to a local hot spot. Once the tourist is lured in, he will be joined by a few attractive women who will order expensive drinks and put them on the vacationer’s tab. At the end of the night, the tourist will be stuck with a hefty bill. Although many individuals enjoy travelling for the social aspect, you should always be weary of your company when you are hanging out at bars or nightclubs.