The first people to claim the area, known today as Iceland, were Nordic people and some people originating from Ireland. There is also a solid amount of evidence and historical research to suggest that religious figures or monks were among the first to inhabit this space as well. The contemporary dialect is directly tied to the influences of Nordic culture during the inception of Iceland as an area with formal boundaries.

Immigration to Iceland has become a massively popular trend within the last decade, especially amongst people who originally come from Europe and Asia. The 2008 economic downturn has also helped to boost the population in the last half-decade as well as many people come to the country in search of employment. In fact, it is now believed that at least one-tenth of the entire population of Iceland is made-up of immigrants from various parts of the world.

de_0052_Iceland - Small icelandic village - Djupivogur


Iceland offers a fantastic landscape for hiking enthusiasts or those who just want to be green while travelling around and visiting different parts of the country. However, be advised that the terrain in Iceland is very difficult in places and can make for leg and ankle injuries if you are not careful. Another big attraction while visiting Iceland is to participate in a whale-watching tour, which offers a unique opportunity to observe nature in the sea.

You can also choose to take some time for yourself and relax; all while still being able to continue to see the beauty and wonder that this country has to offer. The best place to achieve these simultaneous goals is to attend the very popular Blue Lagoon Spa  and book a package to enjoy.

Another one of Iceland’s precious attractions that you must visit when you travel is the waterfall known as Gullfoss, which is equally popular amongst tourists and natives. This breathtaking view and stunning beauty will leave you staring in awe, which makes it one of the essential locations to check-off on your plan.

de_0053_Iceland - Myvatn Geothermal Pool

Local Food & Drink

Despite seeing periods of adjustment and change to the local cuisine, Iceland’s staple foods that are involved in many different dishes are lamb and fish. Naturally, there are a number of ways that each of these animals are incorporated into different dishes, but the most popular way to treat these types of meats is to smoke them. In fact, smoked whale meat is very popular to eat in Iceland and one of the only places in the world that you will find it prepared in this way. In terms of fast food, the most popular dishes you will find in the country are hamburgers and hot dogs where the latter is usually available in almost any type of store or stand throughout the cities.

Water and coffee as well as a variety of soft drinks that are popular elsewhere in the world are all available in Iceland. However, alcoholic beverages are slightly rarer and also more expensive than what one would be used to in the United States of America.

de_0051_Iceland - Strokkur Geyser at sunset in winter, Geysir National Park, Iceland


Iceland, by far is one of the safest countries in the world to live and to visit for tourist purposes. They have an incredibly strict anti-drug policy, which can see you arrested or fined significant sums for even a small amount in possession.

However, due to the climate there are some risks and dangers related to nature and the weather. One should always remember to exercise extreme caution and safety measures around ice and water anywhere in the country. As a result of the sometimes extreme and uncooperative weather, driving can also be a difficult and risky undertaking so it is advisable to inform yourself of best practices and road conditions for such a task.