During the earliest points of recorded history, Romania was said to be inhabited by unique tribes of people for which there is little information. Through both World Wars and after, Romania experienced a political landscape of constant change with different motivations and inspirations for the various changes in the collective will and conscience of the nation.

In contemporary times, the country of Romania has taken a proactive response to preventing the economic recession from perpetuating declining conditions at home and abroad. A great deal of this plan is hinged on an influx of infrastructure spending capital and the goal to revitalize the heart of the country. Romania gaining membership in the European Union is typically viewed as a reason for why the country is doing comparatively well to some of its neighboring countries.

de_0019_romania - Central square, Brasov, Transylvania, Romania.


Perhaps one of the largest attractions and allurement of travelling to Romania is the night-life and atmosphere, which is very well-known and very popular. In fact, one of the most talked-about destinations is the Bamboo Club. For information about hours of operation and what to expect at this venue you can visit the club and contact the event planners.

If you are attempting to find more rest and relaxation, there are also a number of resorts located in close proximity to the Black Sea. There are also several breathtaking sets of mountain ranges to visit as well as historical institutions, such as cathedrals and churches throughout the countryside.

For those people who are slightly more adventurous and would like to participate in winter sports there is a litany of ski-resorts to choose from through the mountain ranges in Romania. Perhaps one of the most popular destinations would be the Vatra Dornei Resort, which can be booked at varying price-packages.

de_0018_romania - Dracula's Bran Castle, Transylvania, Romania, Europe

Local Food & Drink

Food in Romania is diverse and often the product of a variety of international influences from Europe and other parts of the world. Romanians also enjoy a large array of desserts and will bake specific treats for certain holidays that exist throughout the year. Restaurants typically specialize in the cuisine from the other countries and are usually only located in urban areas. Romania is also a hot-spot for food trucks or snack-booths along the different roads. Romania has a large variety of local beers and wines and a relatively good selection of spirits. In fact, Romania is rather well known for its availability of local beers that are more pleasing to the sweeter side of one’s pallet rather than the well-known savory experiences that emanate from tasting beer.

de_0017_romania - Transfagarasan - serpentine road over the mountains


In Romania, it is not very common that a tourist would need to be concerned about violence being perpetrated against them by one of the locals. It is often advisable to avoid large social gatherings, such as the same-sex celebrations, where a great deal of discrimination often exists. There are often many non-domesticated animals that roam the countryside in Romania, which also makes it advisable to stay in well-known areas and resist the temptation to explore the unknown in more rural areas.

Additionally, Romania is generally viewed as a safe tourist destination, but there are still a large volume of non-violent crimes that exist. Lastly, it is recommended that you do not engage in corruption or attempt to bribe any officials as it is forbidden and could result in even more unfavourable treatment for people recognized as tourists.