Sweden is located in Northern Nordic Europe, and it the largest out of all the Nordic countries. It borders Finland and Norway, and has a population of approximately 9.5 million people. Sweden is notorious for their high level standard of living, and being an open country. Citizens of Sweden are known for being friendly and welcoming although sometimes they may come off as reserved. Sweden’s capital city – Stockholm – is spread across a number of different islands. It is a cosmopolitan hub, with both modern and historical architecture; this makes it one of a kind and truly unique and diverse city.

de_0114_sweden - Evening summer scenery of Stockholm, Sweden


There are a variety of things to do upon one’s visit to Sweden. There is something for everyone from your hiking seek-thrilling adventure tourist to your girly girl who just wants to spa and shop all day; Sweden offers fun for the entire family. For the extreme and adventure-seeking tourist the Icehotel in Kiruna is the place to go. It offers activities in both the summer and winter months from extreme white water rafting and cycling in the summer months to ice driving and dog sledding in the winter. For the more relaxed traveller the Icehotel also offers a spectacular view of the Northern Lights almost every night, and warm chalets to enjoy rather than an igloo room. Sweden is also very well known for their relaxing Spas and health resorts. The Swedish Spa Tradition has been around for over three hundred years, and embodies the notions of physical and mental wellbeing and oneness with nature. The Loka Brunn is a very famous spa, known for its apparent healing powers from its spring waters. The Loka Brunn offers a number of different services from their Loka Burnn tradition of hot springs, mud, and pine needle oils to less exotic options such as deep tissue massage and the more prestigious Carita treatments options.

de_0112_sweden - Timber framed building, Malmo, Sweden

Local Food & Drinks

Typical Swedish cuisine consists of potatoes accompanied by either a form of meat or fish. Meatballs are the traditional and most famous Swedish dish. Another famous Swedish dish is called Hash, and consists of meat, onions, and potatoes that are all diced and then fried together. Surprisingly, Sweden has one of the highest coffee consumption amounts in the world. The most popular Swedish alcoholic beverage, however, is Absolut Vodka which is famous worldwide. When visiting Sweden, it is vital to give their well-known Kanebullar a try – these are cinnamon buns and are very delicious treats to try. A seasonal favourite among locals and tourists alike are Swedish strawberries. The typical Swedish summer weather amounts to the perfect combination to harvest the sweetest strawberries. They are definitely a must try if one decides to visit the country in the summer months.

de_0113_sweden - The Church Town of Gammelstad


It is safe to consider Sweden one of the most secure and protected countries in the world. They have low crime rates, with violent crime rates being even drastically low. It is likely that your home country is a more dangerous place than Sweden, so keep in mind your normal common sense practices when out late at night and your trip to Sweden should be nothing less than beyond safe. Metropolitan centres are usually heavily policed (much more commonly on weekend evenings) however the rest of the city is less patrolled. Although pickpockets are rare, they do occur in Sweden just as in other countries, so be wary of where you place your valuables and never be too secure that your possessions will be kept safe.